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We specialize in conceptualizing, planning and execution of news & current affairs based programming, documentaries, docu- drama serials, fiction and entertainment series. However, we are also open to extending our services at any stage of production, in case a production requires steering out of troubled waters.


At Sarthvah Moving Pictures, we love to have challenges thrown at us. The bigger the challenge better we perform.


Sarthvah Moving Pictures has a dedicated team of professional for specialized audio- visual production. We essentially cherish research-based assignments.


We also offer customized communication solutions for audio-video transmission, VPN, instrument upgrade consultancy, installation & integration services.


Sarthvah has a dedicated team of consultants to design, fabricate and equip audio? video studios.


Besides handling complete production assignments, we also provide personnel for specific audio- visual work. Sarthvah Moving Pictures can provide you with excellent support for the purpose of programme conceptualizing, research work, programme designing, production planning and post- production work. We have included a brief of our past work with various institutions and organisations in the following pages.

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