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We are active in the realm of Publicity and event management, which requires a combination of all the skills that form our expertise base. The ability to visualize and verbalise a concept and then take it to the people for whom it is meant, this forms the crux of any attempt at event management. We already posses both these capacities and employ management skills to work in tandem with our creative skills.

We Offer our services in Public Relations (PR) for managing the communication between an organization and its publics.


In today?s world communication and marketing plays a vital role in creating or moulding human perceptions playing a vital role in success or failure. There is a need to approach the target market with the right communication services. At Sarthvah Communications we help our clients to approach their target markets and deliver their massage with confidence and clarity.

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PR Resource Base

Professionals from the fields of communication, marketing and journalism work in collaboration to create and implement an effective and integrated communication strategy for our clients. Headquartered in New Delhi, Sarthvah Communications has a network in other major cities including Mumbai, Chandigarh, Patna, Bhubaneshwar and Srinagar (J&K).

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Media Relations- the strategies and tactics that achieve effective editorial placements online and in the national, trade and local media.


Reputation Management- Blunting the impact of damage to your corporation's online brand from a negative result at a trial widely publicized and picked up by the news feeds.


Media Monitoring- Comprehensive media monitoring services of print and online media in English, Hindi and prominent local languages for news reports / articles on client, competition and industry from all across India, and e-mail clips

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