The literature of Jammu & Kashmir was fired by the same philosophical and cultural trends, which were the basis of medieval Indian literature. It therefore was only an extension of great Indian literary movement.


known philosopher poet Lalleshwari set the tone for the typical Kashmiri ethos. They called her Lala Ded- Mother Lalla, for her poetry was advice through lullaby of a mother. Lyrical Habba Khatoon and Aranyamal, the poetess of the Kashmiri people, Mahmood Gami and Rasool Mir the poets of social revolution present the different phases and moods of the society and provide clear glimpses of growth of modern Kashmiri society and its special culture- the Kashmiriayat

Lal Ded Pyeth Rasool Mirs Tam

As the name suggests, NAGMA O' IZHAR is a blend of different shades of television programming. The motto is to entertain the viewer in a different manner.


Nagma O? Izhar

   'Lal Dyd Pyeth Rasool Mirs Tam' is a chronicle from the beginning of Kashmiri literature in thirteenth century AD, when earliest

The programme discusses the whole range of philosophical thoughts from religious philosophy to progressive movement that have had a bearing on the Kashmiri poetry. Moderator Nida Fazli in discusses the impact of social and political movements on Kashmiri poetry with prominent writers, poets and critics of Kashmiri litrature. The foundations of a composite cultural ethos based on heritage as well as liberalism, the mysticism and romance in Kashmiri poetry and progressive poetry all are part of the discussion spread over five episodes of Nagma O' Izhar.


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