If you desire to be part of the multifaceted communication industry it is time you to have a direct introduction with it. The Sarthvah Foundation of Radio and Television Arts is best-equipped organisation that offers short-term introductory workshops or exhaustive detail structured workshops in both Television as well as Radio. With several of its own programmes on air and under production Sarthvah Foundation can also provide hands on experience in both the fields.

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Whether you are an aspiring audio- visual professional, an educator, or simply a media enthusiast, keeping abreast of the increasingly complex electronic media world is a formidable task. Whether you face the camera or like to work from behind it, an introduction with the visual art and its language can bring immense benefits. It you are looking for career in writing for television or want to contribute to ever growing popularity of the radio, our workshops can provide the much-needed encounter with the necessary aspects of the new age electronics.

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